Gutter Leaf Guard Installation | Houston, TX

Gutter Guards near HoustonInstalling leaf guards on your gutters means one more thing off your mind!

We know you like to take care of your home, but how often do you think about gutter maintenance? Sure, you notice when your gutters back up, slow down or even overflow, but did you know you can avoid all of that in the first place? Installing leaf guards on your gutter system is one of the easiest preventative measures you can take to make sure your gutters last longer, and it takes one more worry off your plate.

What do leaf guards do?

Leaf guards/gutter guards/gutter screens help keep debris out of your gutters while allowing water to flow through freely. 

How do gutter screens work?

The screen is fitted over the top of your existing gutters. The holes in the screens allow the water to flow into your gutters, and into your system as normal. However, items such as leaves and sticks cannot pass through, and either sit on top or fall/blow off of the gutters. Because these items cannot get into your gutter system, they cannot cause clogs or slowing of the water. Smaller debris may still enter through, but it is easily washed away the next time it rains.

How are gutter guards installed?

Gutter guards come in a few sizes and styles, but all are similar in their installation. The guard sits on top of your existing gutters, but slightly under the edge of your shingles, without damaging them. This allows the water to flow straight from the roof onto the gutter guard. Because the guard sits directly on or slightly in your gutters, you do not see them from the ground. 

Before installation we’ll make sure your gutters are cleaned thoroughly of any debris, and that no repairs are needed. However, most installations are a breeze!

Gutter Guards Houston TXWhy do I need leaf guards?

The Houston area averages 50” of rain per year, and we have lots of trees. The combination of the two means that you’re likely to have to clean your gutters out a few times a year. If you have a lot with lots of trees in close proximity to your home, you may even have to clean your gutters more than that. Even if you don’t have trees on your property, leaves and needles are easily carried by the wind and may end up in your gutters anyway. Installing leaf guards will save you money in the long run by greatly reducing the need to clean your gutters and reducing the likelihood that your gutters will be damaged or damage your roof.

When your gutters back up, the water cannot flow properly and they become weighed down. The weight of wet leaves alone can cause your gutters to pull away from your roof, even causing damage to your roof. When your gutters back up and cannot carry the water away, the water spills over onto your foundation which can cause major water damage problems and flooding. All of this can be easily avoided by having gutter guards professionally installed. Leaf guards can also help prevent rodents and birds from getting into your gutter system and nesting or causing other issues.

Do gutter guards need maintenance?

The short answer is yes, no gutter system is foolproof. We recommend still inspecting your gutters twice a year to ensure that your guard system is still properly secure and that you don’t have any gutter damage. While the wind will blow away most of the sticks and leaves that your gutter guard filters out, they may still need to be occasionally brushed off to ensure they remain effective. 

Houston Gutter GuardsDo you offer different types of guards?

Yes, we offer several different types of gutter guards. Depending on the size of the gutters you have, the pitch of your roof, and the types of trees you have on your property, we may recommend different gutter guard systems to you. We do have two favorites however: black powder-coated and mesh. The black powder-coated are very durable, long lasting and easy to install, while the mesh screen keeps out smaller debris such as pine needles and roof grit. We’re happy to discuss the different types of guards available and what best suits your needs.

How much do gutter guards cost?

The cost will depend on several factors, including the size of your home, the size of your gutters, and the type of guard you choose. Contact us for a free quote!